In the U.S., more than 1.1 million people are infected with HIV, and the CDC estimates that one in six don't know it.

As a leading manufacturer of rapid diagnostic tests - including OraQuick ADVANCE®, a CLIA waived, rapid HIV test for use with oral fluid or blood - we are committed to fighting the spread of this disease by empowering people to learn their HIV status.

People who know their HIV status have the information they need to modify their behavior to protect others and get the treatment and counseling they need to live longer and healthier lives.

Since 1987, OraSure has worked with hundreds of local, state, national and international agencies and organizations to help millions of people learn their HIV status with our rapid tests.

This year, OraSure continues to partner with various public and private partners, including the Kaiser Family Foundation, MTV, Greater Than AIDS, and others to encourage widespread HIV testing and promote the benefits of knowing one's HIV status.

The initiative - which kicked off for National HIV Testing Day, June 27, 2011 - encourages organizations across the country to join our effort to help more people nationwide learn their HIV status by setting testing goals and sponsoring HIV testing, prevention and education programs and events throughout the year.

Whether those goals are building capacity to conduct testing, sponsoring a testing event, or increasing the number of people tested - organizations will be supporting the overall goal of helping more individuals learn their HIV status.

In addition to our partnerships, OraSure is happy to launch new resources to help you develop and run successful HIV testing programs. We have created a Testing Toolkit that includes materials to help you plan, promote and execute your programs.

We urge you to join in our initiative to help more people in the U.S. learn their HIV status. Working together, we can put a stop to the spread of HIV.