Program Background

Community Healthcare Network (CHN) is New York City's premier community provider for medical and social services for those who are HIV-positive, as well as those who are at risk of contracting HIV. The organization has been involved in planning, developing, and providing HIV/AIDS services and HIV testing since HIV first appeared in New York City in 1986. CHN is a not-for-profit organization that provides access to primary care, mental health care and social services for underserved communities throughout New York City.

Current Testing Initiatives

Community Healthcare Network first began offering HIV testing and counseling in 1986 - and since then, has become one of the largest ongoing HIV testing initiatives in the nation.

The organization was a pioneer in integrating testing within routine clinical care, and today, nurses offer an HIV test to every person that walks into the clinic and at every appointment they have. If someone tests positive, CHN's counselors provide post-test counseling, linkage to primary care, and extensive follow-up.

The Community Healthcare Network also is known for trying new approaches for HIV testing in the community with a focus on connecting HIV positive people with care. The organization uses a mobile HIV testing van to increase flexibility and to access different types of audiences and high-traffic areas. The van allows for off-site HIV screening at community events and non-traditional venues such as bars, salons, parks and fairs.