Program Background

The Kansas City Free Health Clinic was formed in 1971, and when HIV testing first became available in 1986, the clinic was among the first in Missouri to receive a state grant to provide testing to their patients. The organization was already well connected with the communities most at risk, including the gay community, and providing HIV testing was a natural evolution for the organization.

When rapid HIV testing became available, the KC Free Health Clinic became a community leader in moving HIV testing from the inside of the clinic, out into the community and has strived to make HIV testing a routine part of the overall healthcare that they provide their patients. Now, every new patient that comes into the clinic is offered an HIV test.

Current Testing Initiatives

As part of the clinic's ongoing effort to offer routine HIV testing to all of the patients they serve, the Kansas City Free Health Clinic began offering OraQuick ADVANCE® rapid oral fluid HIV testing during dental appointments.

This unique initiative, launched in 2007, has been a success. By expanding oral healthcare to include screenings of all kinds for patients, the clinic hopes to make routine HIV testing less stigmatized and simply recognized as another part of taking care of your overall health.

The Kansas City Free Health Clinic also offers free rapid testing at a variety of events, including gay pride events, community walks and community healthcare events. In addition, the clinic is involved in educating emergency room doctors on how to effectively incorporate routine, rapid HIV testing into the ER setting.