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There are approximately 1.1 million people infected with HIV in the United States and 1 in 6 don't know it.

According to the CDC, these undiagnosed people cause approximately 50% of the new HIV infections each year.

Detecting and Preventing New HIV Infections Begins with Prevention Intervention -

It's well understood that HIV testing is the doorway of entry to treatment and prevention. But testing can only be effective if it's widely accepted and that people receive their test results. Evidence suggests that approximately 49% more people will accept HIV testing when rapid oral fluid is offered compared to standard blood draw testing. In addition, 20% more newly diagnosed people receive their results compared to standard lab-based testing.

With Rapid Oral Fluid Testing, 78% More HIV+ People Can Learn Their Status than with Laboratory Testing

OraQuick ADVANCE Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test -

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