As a partner in the fight against HIV & AIDS since 1987, OraSure Technologies has decades of experience helping organizations raise awareness about HIV prevention and run successful HIV testing programs and events.

We invite you to join OraSure and hundreds of other organizations across the country in sponsoring an HIV testing program or event.

To help support and guide your efforts, we've created a testing event toolkit. It includes everything you need to help you plan and promote your program or event and measure your results. Click on the following links to download PDFs of the Toolkit contents:

Let other people know about your testing event: The following media toolkit will help you promote your general events or testing efforts: World AIDS Day Assets
The following media template and social media posts will help you promote your World AIDS Day (December 1) events to the media as well as on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Media Alert
World AIDS Day Media Alert Template

Recommended Tweets
This #WorldAIDSDay, visit us for an #OraQuick rapid test and #knowyourstatus today [LINK TO WEBSITE]

We are all affected by #HIV. This #WorldAIDSDay visit us for an #OraQuick rapid test and #knowyourstatus [LINK TO WEBSITE]

Everyone should know their #HIV status, visit us for an #OraQuick rapid test and #knowyourstatus today [LINK TO WEBSITE]

[DATES] #Gettested at [LOCATION] with an #OraQuick rapid HIV test and #knowyourstatus today

Facebook and LinkedIn Sample Post
World AIDS Day was founded in 1988, as an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV. Held each year on December 1st, World AIDS Day gives us an opportunity to show our support for people living with HIV and to remember those who have died.

The CDC estimates that nearly 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV – and one in five of those people are not aware that they are infected. Do you #knowyourstatus?

Rapid testing technology has made getting tested for HIV easier and quicker than ever before. A simple mouth swab or a finger stick procedure provides results in only 20 minutes with greater than 99% accuracy. Rapid test results have a better results delivery rate, helping you more quickly access treatment or learn how to remain HIV negative.

Join us for FREE rapid #HIV testing on [DATES] [TIMES] at [ADDRESS]. To learn more, please call [PHONENUMBER] or [OTHER ACTION], or visit our website at [LINK].

Don't wait another day to get tested for HIV. Take the Test. Take Control. #Knowyourstatus today.

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HIV Red Ribbon for World AIDS Day